Clinical and Dermatologic Surgery Center

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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.
  Phone number : 93 393 31 75

Laser Treatment

There are three types of laser treatments which can help us to improve the face and make noticeable changes.

  • Non-aggressive fractional laser: This is used to eliminate unsightly marks on the skin, including scars, stretch marks or the imperfections left by acne.
  • Intense pulsed light laser: A good ally to remove stains from the skin and smooth the surface of it. It closes the pores and supposes an indispensable complement for the injected vitamins. With this type of treatment a face with clean, fresh and youthful skin is achieved.
  • Laser hair removal: This procedure definitively removes facial hair, meaning there is no need for any other type of hair removal after the treatment.

These treatments take place at the Instituto de Fotomedicina in the Centro Médico Teknon, which specializes in the use of laser for dermatologic treatments. The current Medical Director of the Institute is Dr. J. R. Garcés.

If you would like to make an appointment or request more information, please contact us.