Clinical and Dermatologic Surgery Center

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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.
  Phone number : 93 393 31 75

Dermatologic Surgery

Surgery in dermatology is generally used to extirpate unsightly benign cutaneous lesions, growths which are susceptible to malignancy or malign cancerous tumors. Depending on the type of lesion and its indications, the process may require ambulatory surgery, localized destructive techniques or general surgery with subsequent hospitalization.

The Dermatologic Surgery Unit, led by Dr. Garcés, at the Institut de Dermatologia Garcés has a team of dermatologic surgeons who use the most advanced surgical techniques. Thanks to the innovative facilities at the Centro Médico Teknon, the team can perform their interventions with the support of the latest technology and fully equipped operating theaters.

Mohs Surgery

This advanced surgical technique eliminates the tumor causing the skin cancer layer by layer.

Photodynamic Therapy

Treatment for precancerous lesions on the skin and for superficial cutaneous carcinomas.


The elimination of superficial cutaneous lesions using liquid nitrogen is known as cryotherapy.


Laser is an effective treatment for pathologies such as rosacea, warts or skin cancer, among others.

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