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Acne is identified by the appearance of pimples and spots on different areas of the skin, such as the face, back or chest. It consists of the inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit of the skin, creating comedones, papules, pustules and, occasionally, true cysts in the case of the well-known and much-feared nodular and cystic acne.

While it is possible to suffer from acne later in life, it is usually characterized by its appearance during adolescence as a response to hormonal changes in the body. It is more usual in young women aged between 16 and 30.

Before giving any treatment, a study of each patient is necessary to identify their hormone levels and their cosmetic habits.


Acne Treatment

Peelings, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics provide effective treatment for acne with very good results. In most cases, the acne disappears after treatment.

In some more persistent cases, the patient is also treated with pills containing vitamin A derivatives (retinoids).

In severe cases or when retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) cannot be administered, we have photoluminescence treatments such as photodynamic therapy, which are highly effective and have hardly any side effects.

Acne can sometimes have an unwanted aesthetic aftermath. Chemical peelings and non-ablative fractional laser therapy regulate the skin surface and minimize the cosmetic impact.

El haber sufrido acné puede dejar en algunos casos secuelas estéticas. Los peelings químicos y la terapia con láser funcional no ablativo permiten regularizar la superficie de la piel y minimizar el impacto cosmético.

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