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Dra. Cristina San José

Dra. Cristina San José

Director of the Aesthetic Dermatology Unit

Education: Degree in Medicine and Surgery.
Specialist in: Facial Rejuvenation and Nutritional Counseling

Dra. Cristina San José

With a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Nutrition and Food Science from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona, San José MD is a specialist in Facial Rejuvenation and Nutritional Counseling.

With additional accredited studies in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine, Dra. San José is also one of Spain’s principal teachers in different branches of aesthetic medicine and regularly participates in national and international congresses. In addition, she is presently on the Board of Directors for the Collegial Section of Aesthetic Medicine of the Barcelona Medical Association as well as being a member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME).

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